When you train your pet properly from an early age, you are not only helping him be obedient and following your instructions, but you are bringing out his personality and therefore will be a happier dog.

Now, along with the training you have to take into account two important points: dedication and patience. Training is something that is achieved through repetition. You can not expect a dog to learn or remember what has been learned in just one session. It’s almost like learning multiplication facts for more info!

Therefore, when you are ready to start teaching your dog the basic commands and some tricks, either with a professional trainer or on your own, there are some important elements that you should know, these are:

Be consistent: You must be clear with the rules you teach your dog. For example, if you do not want your dog to climb into the chairs of your house, you must be constant in a “NO” and distract with a toy on the floor and not let your dog climb into the armchairs from time to time As this can confuse it. It is important that all people in the household are consistent with this rule as well.

Do the training sessions short: Dogs get tired with longer sessions of 10 to 15 minutes, that is why if you do not give a break, you can get back what you have learned. It is important that you repeat the sessions two to three times a day.

Train it before mealtimes: Try to have a quick training session with your dog before lunchtime, as this can create a positive connection in your dog’s mind between obedience and reward. After the session, feed him and congratulate him with affection.

Do not get impatient or frustrated with your dog: Do not punish him if it seems that your dog is acting stubborn. If you get impatient with your dog because it learns slower than you expected, it is best to take a break.

Each positive action of your dog deserves a reward: With snacks, scratching his back, caressing him, among others. You are showing your dog that he did something well, so he can intuit that he is making you happy and therefore will continue to repeat the same behavior to see positive reactions from you to him.