One of the most searched phrase on Google last month was “how to run android apps on pc”. The entire credit goes to a startup company from Southern california. The company name is BlueStacks, and has developed and designed software with just one name. The software pack, once installed on your windows pc, makes the device run android on laptop or computer.

BlueStacks, popularly referenced as android on windows, results virtual environment in windows pc or windows laptop and runs android application on pc. The company is financially backed by Citrix and AMD. Both organizations have invested more than $10 million in not able to BlueStacks. Citrix is a famous MNC company providing virtualization service to companies, where as AMD likes hardware manufacturing with direct completion to chip maker Intel. There are many other small companies too funding the BlueStacks – Android on PC venture.
this link have realized the potential of windows on pc and android on pc. Over 70% of the computer users use Windows globally. BlueStacks is currently available for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Android on pc version of program for Mac and Windows 7 is in its designing stage and have yet to be published for download. Even thought the BlueStacks to get in its alpha stage, more than 550 thousand unique android users have downloaded the software and installed on their laptop and pc to run a host of android applications on their computers. One must understand that in spite of the software in its early childhood days, is becoming a rage and one is not sure of its future expectation when plan pack will be fully available as a pro version.
The most attracting feature of running android on pc is to discover the games and other application on full screen size monitors. The survey stated that most with the tried to download the application to present the software try out large screens, kinds were satisfied i’m able to outcome. However, few pro version games were still inaccessible. One need to keep the finger crossed till the final pro version of BlueStacks is officially launched.